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Career Help

We offer services in career support to equip members of our community towards reaching their full potential.


Support Group
Students in Cafeteria

Life Coaching

We have partnered with Stacey Ampiah-Roberts to offer you life coaching at a discounted to support you in your working and personal life.


We have teamed up with experienced professionals over a wide range of industries to support your journey towards your chosen career path.

Peer to Peer

We aim to partner you up with like minded individuals to keep you accountable along your journey.

Creative Work Experience

Hoping to make a start in scripted or unscripted production? Get in touch and we'll place you on one of our sets as a runner, where you can shadow our production team and gain first hand experience.

Film Set

Contact Us

If you’d like to be paired with a mentor or are looking for work experience, please get in touch.

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