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Femi is a hopeless romantic but serial over-thinker, trying not to ruin honeymoon bliss with his girlfriend Chanice. After learning Chanice has sickle cell, Femi begins to worry about what he’s in for. Determined to grow the relationship, Femi goes on a journey to learn the ins and outs of the sickle cell condition, and what that means for his new love.

His Sickled Journey is a light-hearted romantic comedy that explores sickle cell in the context of romantic relationships. Produced in collaboration with Her Sickled Journey & NHS Blood and Transplant. Directed by Phil Ossai.


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Sickle cell is something that affects a lot of us in one way or another, yet more often than not, we are encouraged to keep it on the down-low. While growing up with sickle cell, I had so many questions that I wanted to ask, but nowhere to get answers from, that is why I have created my platform.


Her Sickled Journey was created with the aim to raise awareness of what it is like to live with sickle cell anaemia.


Through my pages, I share my experiences, so that others with sickle cell can relate, and those without can learn.


I also try to shine a light on the importance of more individuals in the black community giving blood, as receiving transfusions is a common treatment for people with sickle cell, yet only 1% of blood donors in the UK are Black.

Tito Oye


Sickle cell refers to a group of genetic conditions that affect the red blood cells (RBCs). Normally, in a healthy body, the RBCs are disc-shaped and very flexible, which allows them to easily flow through the blood vessels, but in a person with sickle cell, the RBCs are crescent-shaped, sticky and very fragile. These misshaped cells are prone to becoming trapped in blood vessels which prevents blood and oxygen from reaching parts of the body. These blockages can cause severe pain, known as a sickle cell crisis. Other symptoms of sickle cell include anaemia, jaundice, eyesight problems, high susceptibility to infections, delayed growth and tissue damage.

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In the UK, there are approximately 15,000 people with sickle cell, and it is a condition that mainly affects individuals of African/Caribbean descent. Sickle cell is an autosomal recessive condition, meaning that the only way a person can have sickle cell is by inheriting a sickle cell gene from each parent. If a person only inherits one gene, they will have the sickle cell trait.


You can find out more about sickle cell here:


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A hopeless romantic and excessive over thinker. He wants to form a deeper bond with his girlfriend.
Played by David Ajayi



Disciplined, creative and charming, Chanice doesn’t let her condition define her, and won’t tolerate anyone who tries to make it so.
Played by Vivienne Isebor



A pessimistic man child, likely to dish out the worst advice.
Played by Tevin Deola



A health conscious free spirit, with a wise word for anyone who will listen.
Played by Stacey Ampiah - Roberts.