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Autumn Refocus

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

So we’re well into Autumn, the temperature has well and truly dropped, the rain is here to stay and Afronation is now a distant memory. Naturally, as the winter approaches, we’re likely to feel more lethargic and our bodies may begin to slow down as if we’re hibernating. SAD - seasonal affective disorder symptoms begins to affect people which can potentially cause a huge shift to people’s livelihoods.

S.A.D is a mood disorder where changes in the season, typically the autumn/winter months cause a depressive mood, low energy and a loss of pleasure in everyday activities. Approximately 3% of people are affected by SAD and will face symptoms of this as winter comes.

Below i’ve come up with 3 things that could help you refocus your life in order to not only combat S.A.D but also get you (dare I say it) excited for the winter months ahead.

1. Update your budget/re-budget

If you’re anything like me, Summer was madness on the bank account. I spent way more money than I had budgeted. In fact if I’m being completely honest, I spent way more money than I had at the time and I am paying the price for it now. Rather than crying over spilt milk though, use the month of October to take a good look at your finances and re-budget for the rest of the year. Are you planning any more holidays? Where can you cut back spending? Are there any savings goals you want to hit before the new year? There’s still a good three months between now and the end of the year, you can still recoup and set yourself up before 2019 ends.

2. Prepare for the winter

Winter is coming. And with the madness that is climate change, we have no idea just how cold or extreme the weather will be this year. Feels like every winter we’re hearing “the coldest temperatures in November since 1941”. So, let’s prepare from now! As part of your budget, make some allowances for your winter wardrobe. Do you need a good quality winter jacket, winter boots or hats? Definitely consider making a list of all the winter essentials and make sure you’re stocked up on them from early. Also, we can’t forget that the days are due to get shorter and darker. It may be time to invest in a good quality lamp that helps you wake when it is pure darkness outside. There’s little steps we can take to make the winter months are that more comfortable so I’d encourage you to prepare yourself now.

3. Schedule in things to look forward to

It’s too damn cold to go outside! You right, you right! But winter times can be really low if you don’t give yourself things to look forward to. As much as I detest the cold, I see the benefits of making plans and scheduling fun days ahead so you have something to look forward to in the months ahead. Mini Golf with friends, dating/single events, cocktail masterclasses, more nights in with your family... If you plan well, winter can be a great time to reconnect with loved ones, focus more on working on yourself and even take up a new skill e.g. cooking, online courses, writing.

So those are my three tips for your autumnal refocus. I’d definitely encourage you to take active steps to make winter work for you and really take the time reflect on what you want your last months in 2019 to be like. We’ve got 84 days left in the year, let’s make it count…<3


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